Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay (Otis Redding Inspired)

Sitting on the dock of the bay,
writing away my problems as I
say these rhymes I create,
Otis Redding playing in the background
I don't hear a single sound
of distress my life was
a constant mess,


Until the day I let the blissful waves
cleansed me of my worries
and aches,
as that Otis record plays I'll further
illustrate the way
I pray.


Sending the higher power my future
vows to deliver to my
beautiful gal,
I want to let her know I'll forever be
I'm wishing she was here with me right
now as I sit down
and gaze out into the blissful
existence and
say "Wow"


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by blissful anything these days is reason for celebation and this is a great tribute to a fab singer that lives in your heart and now in ours. Thanks for writing this song. Your poempal, Stella