Damn My Innocence

I regret never taken that opportunity to rob the community.
Being innocent leaving me homeless and no food to eat.
Seriously if another chance to grabbed fast cash,
I'll attack and never look back.
I could finally eat also have new shoes on my feet.
Yes indeed the root of all evil affected me.
But really can you blame me for having these intentions?
When you're not eating, that's a reason to do what it takes.
Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way.
Should I pray as my belly aches?
You tell me, because I don't think Jesus could save the day.
Hate to say it, but having faith isn't saving me.
Talk me off this cliff,
before I jump off and commence this criminal living.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The drama of my life, my mind making think wrong while my heart making me think right.

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Angel on The Right Shoulder

Lil devil on the left - decisions decisions. Eat/starve, bunions/shoes - It is a sigh for the times - Just Bein' Stella





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I'm listening to Angel

I'm listening to the angel can't let the devil ruin me. Money comes and goes, but your soul remains forever and I don't want an sinister legacy.

If your heart is not 100% in it then you're not fully committed!