Extra Extra!

Extra extra!
Is it really Lady Liberty or Lady Death?
So should we be more conscientious of our decisions.
The way we're living is conflicted by malignant spirits.
Temptation has arisen from the realms of demons.
It's open season on the human race and we must escape!
Who's the foe you all should know it's us!
Our movements are dangerous!
His or her intentions is sinister content waiting to breach in.
The killings is beyond wickedness.
All these guns and we complain about tax's funding and spending.
Everyone is suspended in their stubborn ways.
They don't care where the bullets spray!
Where the kids play or where the people pray.
These rampages last for days and days.
Extra extra daily news violence is on the front page.
So what else to say besides saying "Just stay safe"
Embrace unification instead of retaliation.
Maybe peace will finally see a true revelation.
And I can say "Extra extra peace is back in this nation"

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Peace In The Valley

Someday...or never has been, just illusionary. Consider the kids in the playpen, throwing sand. The sand beocmes bullets, missiles, large numbers of men and machines marching across one border then another. The fault is not in human will to be at peace, the prob is resources, oh they are becomin' scarce, the petrie dish example, the dregs as we kill off our environment and it rebels. The sheep look up, Brenner said. Yeah, one day, maybe. Nice write, nice rant - Just bein' Stella






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Love your comment

Awesome writing you did love what you said.


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