Earth's Scars

Welcome to a society of false democracy.
Also artificial justice system everyone falls victim to it.
Like Latasha got killed but the shooter only got parole.
Seems like I'm making up this fictitious world.
No we're on the planet where it happens.
Riots erupted after the police brutality of Rodney King.
This wasn't Martin Luther King's dream.
Beatings of the innocent building burnings.
Wish these wars will stop.
Because we damaging mother earth with the warfare.
More guns this where tax funds go to if we didn't need this crap.
We'll never face economic collapse.
I'm speaking my mind.
Hoping others will think alike or at least agree.
Belligerence is key to destroying mankind.
How many more people have to die before we realize.
As the smoke subsides you see innocent slain on battle lines.
I'm not playing blind my eyes onto the lies.
I don't want to criticize for my selfish joy.
I want to be deployed on a mission of healing the scars on earth.

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I Have A Batch of Scars

stowed away in an old trunk - take 'em out occasionally, put them back and seal them away like precious gems. I concur. We wound the earth. If there were no words for division or hate, someone would invent them. Terminator II "We're not gonna make it are we? People I mean." Ans: "It is in your nature to destroy yourselves." We are bacteria in a petri dish and we are blessed to live in times of relative plenty - here, no water shortage for drinking yet, lights on at night, a/c against the very hot son. - I know I am fortunate to have lived 1950 to now, the best time in human history for North Americans. Liberty and privacy are gone, security a myth - nothing lasts. We survive. ~allets~