Love Is

Love is a bond worth keeping sacred.
The hatred is a thing worth being separated.
Love is a matrix woven of respect and trust.
Eradicate any unnecessary lust.
This game of love is only between us!
Yes this game is rated D for dangerous.
Almost any lapse of concentration would be devastation.
For the couple if a third party individual intrude between the two.
Causing friction and rising the tension.
For no necessary reason just ugly jealous.
The green one see you and you in a heavenly paradise and the green one looking in from the outside.
But love is extension of two souls and minds.
If that love is really true the love would never break in two.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just wrote this when I was bored

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Love As Extension

Enjoyed the concept of love as the extension of two minds and two souls - this notion of union absolute and inseparable - nice line. = allets =