To Enlighten Not To Frighten

People listening to me I'm not here to frighten you.
Just to enlighten you on the truth.
We still trapped in a nation filled with bigots and serious idiots who's killing the innocent.
I'm not like bogus politicians blaming the images of television.
Can't you see in our history there was misery.
The blood of wounded knee painted a cruel tapestry.
It's a panoramic painting of catastrophe.
You must see to believe but probably it now lies underneath a Wendys.
So people proceed to live blinded to the fact that we are the cause of attacks.
Nothing but you has control over your actions.
Nothing else can unless you indulge in a drug that dulls the system.
And make you a victim of bad decisions.
The results of bad decisions is not pretty.
Either a ride to a rugged penitentiary or a non blissful sleep in a cemetery.
Yes the images I display is scary but this is the future ahead of you and me.
If we continue to break the peace and feed the beast!
If our bodies ever get trapped our mind and soul will soon be free!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seeing people blaming miscellaneous things for their actions made me write this. Honestly we are in control of our actions even if you took drugs you had a choice and if someone slipped you a drug still your decision to be associated with them. Can't run away from responsibility.

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In The Didactic

You tell 'em! I love a good rant poem - dig, dig, dig. Enlighten. Read poetry and lots of poets who rant too. Read Enemies by Madhubuti. Now that's rantiing. Power to the poets! ***Allets