A man of the word.
A slave to the rhythm.
A firm believer of freedom.
A philanthropist of knowledge.
A guardian angel in a world of devils.
A rebel in a peaceful rebellion.
A good kid surrounded by felons.
A poet in a wonder land of blank pages.
A legend freeing caged birds out of their cages.
A man believing in a dream instead of perusing the color green.
A teen having a pleasant dream then waking up in a harsh reality.
A writer writing epics of success and delivering poetic justice.
A brave soul exposing the world's sinister functions.
A lost mind finally found something to keep his mind amongst.
The letter A can tell alot about this life of ours and others.

So what can the letter A can say about you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The letter A can tell alot

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"...A poet in a wonderland of

"...A poet in a wonderland of blank pages..." phenomenal line this - I relate ~Just Bein' Stella~