One Nation (Mr.Tupac Shakur's vision continued)

One nation is what we should be embracing.

Everyone on each continent is family.

I'm sick of this insanity constant warfare.

Kids getting suffocated by the smoke in the air.

I'm surprised the world didn't explode yet.

But soon the earth will be an empty wasteland.

And the blood will be in the hands of the belligerent man.

This was your plan now these babies don't have homes to go to.

You know it's true since the dawn of time we been killing for nothing.

Centuries of destruction now let's make this one the century of reconstruction.

But we can't get there unless we start embracing one nation.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Embrace One Nation we all family let's end this insanity!

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One Nation - Sounds Very Right Wing

I tend to avoid impossible optimism - wishing is nice, but reality is harsh and humans are going to be homo sapien to the end - Just Bein' Stella





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I fully

fully understand your comment and I love when you comment you provide bright insightful stuff and I appreciate

If your heart is not 100% in it then you're not fully committed!