I Rember What I Want to Forget

I used to be his baby

I used to be his girl

I remember the very day he

Said I was his world

The 1st time that he held me tight

And Said “There’s nothing I’d rather do,

Then spend the rest of my life,

Loving none but you.”

I remember the day he chose it

Surpassed me for a smoke

He chose the weed instead of me

The alcohol and coke

I remember when he cut

For it true that I did sin

A contest for this very slut

Who’d be the one who’d win

The champion remained

A slut he got to keep

Although I loved them both the same

My body he did reap

I remember all the screams and yells

How we made each other cry

Our love was either heaven or hell

But without him I would die.

I remember when we finally died

My lover no longer there

I stood there and tried to lie

But couldn’t deny, I still cared

I know that I am dumb

I know that it was fake

Another shot of whiskey and rum

One for my heart and memories sake

So now my heart is shattered

A tiny million pieces

Cut, bruised and battered

With a pain that never ceases

Author's Notes/Comments: 

poem about my ex. 11/28/06

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risqueconjurer's picture

I mucho like! Good writing babe!!