Stevie come and get me

I'm in a fight again

Fighting myself again

He chases me down

Around South Union street.


As the sink is now red

You must be playing

Hide and seek again.


And wouldn't you know

In my dream the bloody

Water rolls down the drain.


Down by the edge of the road

The water is low tonight

My words are slurred

And my hopeless desire

To know how many objects

Were thrown in here.


When they drain and clean it

The final thoughts of so many will

See the light of day again.


Muddy bikes, boomboxes & paintbrushes

This is how the mind rots

And this is how we all decompose.

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Dreaming While Awake

It is how we discard that which is no longer used, bodies as people, nations, the world, artifactured items as useful pollutants obscuring multiple views, mental, eye seen, projected. It is what we do. Enlightening and poignant images in this poem from your mind. Good to see you again - Stella