Poetry of Names: Harry Potter

Ron sounds like a heart beating rapidly beneath a wooly warm sweater, anxious with fright,

Harry sounds like a massive lion roaring, fighting a ferocious bedlam of enemies throughout the night,

Hermonie sounds like a powerful engine, roaring among a bevy of twinkling galaxies that dwell in the sky,

Snape sounds like a malcontent child, laughing during a terrible tragedy concerning his peers,

Dumbledore sounds like aged stairs, creaking underneath a tired restless house.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was just playing around but wanted to share lol I love JK<3

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Harry sounds like

Interesting that each line has repetition, a bit boring after the third one. Formulamatic like the novels, I've read them all and own the movies. Opportunity missed to do a character analysis of each of the characters: not sounds like, is - i.e., Ron is the weasled one, shaggy, disorganized and funny but full of freckles...more accurate content. I hope you were serious about critique - I'm an editor (40 years). - Good write, lots of fun - allets



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Thank you

Very good info...I will adjust some things=) I appreciate your feedback!