Black is the sound of

Thunderstorm clouds congregating closely above our crowns, inundated with lavish lightning,

A curious cat hissing, waiting to fray upon unknown and unwanted company that threaten its territory,

A cavalier clarinet solo, trilling every note possible, eluding a sense of ebullience,

A prodigious panther, roaring immensely with frustration because its prey has fled,

The night sky, shifting into serenity across the world, playing patiently in the dark till the sun takes its turn.

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I was sooooo surprised by the last line about the sun taking its turn. Nice write - classy nature study with lots of great content to tease and draw in - nice - allets



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Last line

Thank you once again! That was my favorite line too. I had to turn this and the harry potter one for a portfolio project at school. Please continue your feedback=)