I’m music that flows with the pound of a beat,

I’m laughter that follows a sigh of relief,

I’m sleep that puts you at ease below the vivid stars,

I’m paint that changes the mood of a canvas,

I’m rap music, words sprinting with thoughts,

I’m not fluffy or gooey like a marshmallow in the microwave,

I’m not nausea, an unwelcome visitor that churns up trouble,

I’m not laundry sitting squalid with filth,

I’m not waiting like a nervous wreck, counting down the days the sun decides to leave us,

I’m not people that give up, life wasters that trash their gold within.

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...I am laughter that follows a sigh of relief...so much in there, suggested, metaphored, and a really fine line to boot - homo sapiens do stuff like this and you captured it neatly - thanks for sharing these lines with us, your friend, allets



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Go on!

'I am' or indeed 'I am not' poems, always bring to mind 'the song of amergin'.