Astral Projection

A while back you told me

'In our dreams, we can meet

If we work really hard

And know no defeat'


I figured it out

I go to the same place each night

Your body is there

But your soul's out of sight


Each 'dream' is the same

To a certain extent

The food, our clothes, and blanket

Even where we went..


We have such a beautiful picnic

Under a big tree

With the flowers around us

Swaying in the breeze

I'm laying in your arms

Knowing 'I am where I should be'

As I am sure you already know
You complete me


Im wearing my long white skirt

The one that you bought me

And a tank top and flip flops

You call me a 'hottie'


The whole point

Of my astral projection

Was for us to meet in our dreams

And share our affection


But if I am pouring my heart out

And you aren't there to hear it

Then our relationship is going nowhere

I need your help to steer it


So meet me tonight

Under your mamaw's tree

Bring the blanket

And wear your blue jeans

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Everything you dream is a

Everything you dream is a reflection of some part of yourself that needs attention. We have the ability to (in the conscious stae) recall the dream and identify feelings ignored in the conscious state to allow us insight into what we deny about ourselves. After a while it becomes what is called 'intuition' or insight...some people have great difficulty identifying and admitting to deep seeded emotions...dreams help in that way, but when the mind becomes conditioned to remember this natural way of renewing and redeeming just happens ans we make the choice to remember or not. Just my thoughts about a subject we know too little of. Too little money pkaced into research on sleep, dreams, and how the mind works. It may be different for each person and too complex for even science and technology to sort out and perhaps that is why.

.....I like the cuteness you express at the end... :-)

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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a poem of wisdom... the body

a poem of wisdom... the body is eventually nothing without the soul

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Great Job

OMG best one yet!  The descriptive words allows the reader a sneak peak into your Relationship.

Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity