The Indescribable

                   The Indescribable 

Can you feel it?   
Can you sense it? 
Does it show on my face? 
I don't want you to see it...
        I'm too ashamed
But, I suspect you know it anyhow
You read me too well, so I hide,
Hoping to escape your all seeing eyes
Wanting to be found, yet terrified....
What is normal, and natural,
For men and women 
Is my undoing, or will be
Soon enough.
It's slowly breaking my heart to pieces
I'm happy that she's happy, yet
My heart, aches, creaks, and moans

Because my time is past
And "She" has never found me,
Nor I, her....
Which saddens my soul
Once upon a time...
I had such high hopes
But Time came home to roost
And just won't let me forget
Ever reminding me of my
Failures, Shortcomings,
  My Weaknesses
Between them and Father Time
I'm cornered, with nowhere to go
But down, from the bluff
I've lived an interesting Life
So, I guess it's my time to depart 
Because my fractured heart
Is crumbling to pieces,
The buildup of tears won't fall
And damn-near anything is 
 Better than this....
©2016 Mirror_rorriM       7/29/16 

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Sad Soul

That's sad! ~A~