Cancer Shade

Who is made of many

will likely be obtained by few

fesh fits of puffy sighing

makes nice for an ugly face

seen so many like cats

not yours just the casket crumblers

we've got pockets for them too

just for you i've collected silver trophy's

as the colors i've kept secret

roads or rivers, they all bend for you

who rediscovered empathy by slowly drowning?

pain is earned by experience

you will never sleep the same

when forgotten or wrongly accused

stay by my side, I'll show you everything red

masks made liasion so crass in the tall grass

god is backwards, sharp instrument taking form

concern of his gluttonous consumption

alarming how quickly indiviuality is consumed

get simple for a simple death, you think you know where you're going

these words are for me, ghost eyes never read

I don't make with submission by force as god claims

I'm born of hourglass freedom, like stars don't ask for names

adult voices destroying children's games

This is for the ocean; my home, my cold lover

who's in the dark on stilts?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Personal Issues, I'm just so raw. Like th elead songer of Creed was

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saiom's picture

would have to read this several times to unwind
your brilliant metaphors



Naomi Rose's picture

i agree with the other comment.. its really thoughful i think (the poem not the comment that is,.. ) anyway i like it.