Sun Junkie

Move me with more bandages

only three, i'll make love to the sea

gorging fast on red rose anomoly

quick to pretend everything makes sense

dense collision of tombstone appeal

my blue heaven atrocity, naked or sighing

she's bare, enough to fall in love with

cinder fear the the opposing magma eroticism

creatures of the clocks tongue, licking my eyelids shut

underneath my bed, it's luring me into it's sunlight

everything so pitch black, when hands you can't see

are severed, trembling and running their fingers up your back

elusive I remain the glowing jackal

knives to knives, we carve our initials in the sun

next to nothing, you're worth is what you weigh

in memory, tear drops, and pearl necklaces

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She'll save me soon

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Whispers_From_The_Mind's picture

very good

well written. i could picture every word....