Flowers leave nothing to imagination

spread eagle bedazzlement no argument necessary

scaling the skinny roses

you will leave this place dear

unless you plan to awake here

your bounty is lousy as it lies

day and day after it is numbing

the grown man in the corner

8 feet high and those charcoal eyes

alike woode dhideout he could tear through us both

My flowers are still the most precious

cosmic allignment of pretty girl fingers

blossoming the red rose to scarred wrists

chalking all my inner thoughts to reset

A cage and a muddy hole

My ability to slip leash is quite worrying

a lobotomy on training wheels

broken legs for the round of naysayers

I'll climb their trauma with a lilac

clenched in my 7 teeth

and the thousand word chew

will never harm the likes of you

some rickets in belief

are kept away from my mention

I've sanded the rejection

in the ugliest reflection

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