To Snake Scum

I will break inside you

chewing through veins

preying for breath

I'm still dancing

to the choir of your neck

all we aspire is low flesh goal

my animal says chew through them

let their screams ascend

find me bloody blushed

come bare your shame

in the alley of less

I hear irony

slipp slide laughing

the dirt in your demeanor

buries your will at least

I can't taste that

I'll find some more safety

in the less of you to spare

exhaust my tolerance

and choke on this

this is a dedication to the cancer

fast beheading the sense to despire

no leash's for the snakes

and the black comedy of bloody mistakes

hold your teeth upto the lightbulb

Author's Notes/Comments: 

stupid people are no longer comical to me

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Kara Mia Dennison's picture

I really enjoyed this one.