Again It's Spring

Wake up people it's time to come out of hibernation

And into the realization of that beautiful swing witch

Turns Winter into spring. It's time to stop sinning

Start winning and step into a new beginning. Time


To clean house get rid of all the junk, clean all that

Bunk out of your trunk. Get rid of all the nonsense

That's going through your head, instead lets sit down

And break bread.


It's time to turn things around for Destiny awaits, come

Out of those dire straits for we all can control our fate

See the beauty of the flower, walk in the warm April

Shower witch will bring forth the lovely May flower.


It's time for life it's time for love to see all the wonders

From Heaven above. So out with the old and in with

The new and bring a new you into view. It's time

To get off your duff, you've been sitting long enough.


Time to go out and spread your wings, It's Time To

SOAR It's Spring.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's Spring.

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allets's picture

Not Quite

We have about 5 inches of winter yet, but in 2 weeks it will b history and off my duff will definitely happen :D. - allets