God I need your Grace today, to lead me, to guide me, to show me the way.

And it's through my Lord Jesus Christ that Heavenly Father I pray, and ask

For your Grace today. As I walk in this world of uncertainty and fear, Father

Your Heavenly voice I need to hear, to stop my mumbling, my stumbling, 

And my short coming. To know when to open my mouth and know what to 

Say, how to use my words and how to pray.


And this is why, I ask for your Grace today. It's through you Lord Jesus that

My way has been sealed because By your stripes I am healed. And by your

Grace i get complete relief but I need you also Lord to Help my unbelief.

Then I stand confident, tall and strong for by your Heavenly Grace I know

I can't go wrong. Because in this world of violence and when I don't feel

Safe, I know I can pray to you Lord and you will increase my faih.


Now this life can be a real struggle, so I can pray again and you will 

Keep me out of trouble. For every day I am put to the test, it's by your

Grace that I can over come and enter into your rest. It's through you 

Lord Jesus that my Blessing are coming like a flood and it's because I've

Been redeemed by your precious blood. So again I ask you God for your

Grace today and it's through my Lord Jesus Christ, that Heavenly Father

you have made the way.


By MilMan   Inspired By Joyce Meyer. Cool


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just to wake in the morning and this you can say, God I need your Grace today. Cool

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Grace, Strength, and Help

with some real problems. Would you please God guide Israel not to insult Obama because he's talking to Palestine about peace - and an arms deal. Help Obama not to bend to the threats of death without compliance to the powers that really run the USA. This is today's prayer, brought to you by Grace and Belief in The Holy Spirit ~ I have a more direct form of prayer and tend to be specific. I am yours in writing ~The Star~