The Line Between

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Fire flows , gyas mother if she had one.

Meaningless because it is childish.

Killl the wilders and save the pile.

Hearders herd what they keep.


We are meat..

We are currency.

The possiblities endless

And we will go through them all.

The alternitives of the alternitives even.

War for your loved ones,

war for your hearts.

No one is wrong,

just misunderstood.

Wrong for the right cause,

not everything is good and


Black, and white,

Just black and white,

in their contemparay ties.

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allets's picture

"Wrong for the right cause"

Sounds like me on an inspired campaign - do it, fix it, refix it, take it down, start over. But it's for a good cause so, backstep, redo, undo, do, done! Ahhh..... :D allets