Neverland / The Haunt

Without you

walking these halls,

this place feels ghostly.

Cold to heats touch,

as if this house never

knew love.

But it knew us.

The couch even loved,

every cup  loved,

and fussed for attention.

this place has many


I remember,

the times do not wither. 

because all their faces

tell a time till.

you left and

took the color from

the walls and portraits.

Still, they come to life

like a theif in the night.

Take me and lay me down,

Not a peep from me,

not a sound.

I lay and

close my eyes

to wake to paradise.

But their is no escape,

not even in wonderland.

Yet i preffer it over the other.

Their is no more magic in neverland.

Im beached without sand.


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allets's picture

marvelous lines

"...There is no more magic in neverland./I'm beached without sand..." Amen to that! - allets-