Fated/ The Weight of fire and the Power To Dream

So, and so, etc.

So we gamble.

Burning like the flame of a candle.

It isn't much, 

yet it cant be touched.

Humans are walking vandals,

the heat such a rush,

we disreguard care for

any burned by the touch.

We all wither one another

for none sake.

And theirs not enough love

for loves sake.

Or even hope at all

Still, i wont digress any longer.

My garden,

all of them







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Roses are nice  but I wonder

Roses are nice 

but I wonder of rogue flowers

growing unnoticed near the ground

Perhaps dandelion with roots to sooth the tummy


havent read you in a while. Nice to see your work



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Stay A While

write songs like this for us. allets