Cookie Cutter Scriptures


Another cookie cutter 

another basic someone-or another

just don't be of blame

when they're all just the same

poetry in a sadness, ripples to wade

a smile and a wave

you must be insane

illiterate words from other books

vernacular dissheveled, you're left shook

another 15 and the cookies near burnt

that's a lesson maybe you'll learn.



A delicate raw, sweet to the taste

enters the oven, preparing to bake;

but what happens when the chef walks away

dishing out to serve another plate.

Trapped in a sauna 

all you aughta do

is let it burn

forgot to flip,

no room to turn

words fill the chocolate drain

a trail of death, along the tray.



Another 2 minutes, and the chef comes to play

cooling and drooling, these savages they prey.

Dipped in a glacier, prepped, feel the breathing

a simple bite, and for the all you'd fight.



But you're just a little cookie,

and those are just little chocolate drizzled words,

turn the tables

listen to my story you call fable,

pour the milk, dish it and serve

did you think you knew me

just the way I've only let you learn,

even if you're raw, even if your burned.

Leave it to the cookie cutters,

to decorate the platters,

but leave it to the tlc, a secret ingredient of honey

found on the open road, a sweet treat saved special to not compete

while another dozen have been

delivered in a package signed for the world

"enjoy, fresh baked cookies!"

Another batch just the same.

While I leave you

in ways of words some've never heard

with cookies on your brain.

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I Dream Of The Ultimate Cookie

Standing in the road

blocking traffic

causing drools

making bakers

pooh pooh each bite.


Until the road

is clear and the cookie

crumbled in the street,

a chalk outline

left to mourn

the eaten.