Death Of A Tree

How many times I have lingered

In the shade of this old tree

Letting the years that it has known

Add to those of me.

It never let me know the storms

That through its branches blew

And always offered me the time

To learn the things it knew.

It never gave excuses

For that which it was not

Nor did it ask for favors

For things from it I got

It always stood and weathered well

Considering not its plight

Beneath the heat of summer sun

Nor cold of winter's night.

Now it lay before me

Still giving in its death

All the things that give a life

The meaning of its breadth.

And though it soon will pass from view

In its memory I'll recall

That living starts with giving

And giving life it all.

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Violet Carolina's picture

this is my favorite. i'll stop here. spent some time on a trail yesterday and, too, thought of all a tree experiences, often outlives in it's lifetime. thanks for sharing this. a REALLY great poem. : )