Cloud Burst

As gray cumulus clouds crashed against the sky

Lightening lit the windblown land

Where cornstalk leaned on cornstalk for support.

And through it all there rolled

The thunder's own report

Announcing that the rain had come.

But rains released as on this night

Amid tumultuous air

Are much too soon within the brook

Wetting not much more than dust.

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i felt it in a wonderful way!




Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Thanks so much for commenting

Thanks so much for commenting and most of all for taking the time to view my writing. I will return the same to your work. It is only through these posts that one gets an indication of how well one does or how much one must strive to grasp the art. Have a great day.

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awesome poem

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Mike this poem fits so well with the weather we've been having here in Kentucky and today it did little more than settle the dust.

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Michael, this is beautiful....such a picture you paint with your words...I especially like the way you ended this. you could almost compare some people to this glimpse of nature...those who rant and rave like the winds and thunder, but in the end, they really had nothing useful to say.... hope that doesn't take away from the beauty of this...just made me stop and think!

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Michael, this is fabulous. A canvas with words! We had thunderstorms last evening and they looked just like this poem. You have a typo on the next to last line. I've been doing that a lot lately myself. Your work is professional and deserves reading.