I'll Never Forget Those Hands

I'll never forget those hands,

Those hands that could hold an ax

And fell a wrist-sized tree in one swing

Those hands that could hold a horse's hoof

And shoe it in thirty seconds

Those hands that could shape

Red hot metal into fine tools

Those hands with their weathered calluses

From guiding a mule and plow.

I'll never forget those hands

That could hold a butterfly

Without removing the powder from its wing.

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shar's picture

Hello and thank you for your kind words. I just got down to this particular poem of yours, and had so many good comments to make on the others, but this one definitely stood out. I'm a softie at heart and this one was just so sweet....now, off to read the rest of your wonderful works...:)

Kathy Anderson's picture

This is very special. Seems you remember your father fondly. Only thing is that it seems to lack any form at all... more like prose than a poem. Unless you intended that? Nice sentiments.


Shirley Roberts's picture

Oh Mike , so far this is my favorite poem.This is an outstanding work of art.I too loved the last two verses.Reminded me of my father who was so gentle, wild birds would come to his feet and eat bread crunbs.

Melissa Rives's picture

Outstanding!!!!!! This just gave me goosebumps to read the last line. Powerful writing!!!