Oh Lady Fair

Sweet Angeline, oh lady fair,

I fret the twain worlds

Of our existence, our prisons,

Shall forever touch

And though thus they be

No portal will be found

To offer access from darkness into light.

Stand strong, I pray, and falter not

For I am with you always,

If not in mortal form,

Then eternally in full and loving spirit.

I now lay upon the dirt of my battleground

Beneath the dark and gathering clouds

With death and dying all around,

The vision of you, my life,

Shines bright before me

And yet I am bequeathed to know you not.

Know, sweet Angeline, oh lady fair,

A thousand times our lips have touched,

The softness of your breasts have pressed against my skin,

But alas I know that this shall never be.

As I lay here

Let the last rising of my chest

Gather the air that in the end will form

The fullness of life I have known

In the word that is the one

Who forever set me free,

Sweet Angeline.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Just four words "OH TO BE ANGELINE!" sighsssssssssssssssss...............melissa lundeen

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Another poem of graceful and beautiful language. Sounds sorrowful and full of longing. Hauntingly melodic.