Out among the afterwards

In front of what's to come

I hear the sound of tolling bells

That beckon me to run.

Away from what I've no idea

Towards what yet unknown

So 'tis here I walk alone

In neither void nor home.

It's on I walk yet still I be

Feet moving hard in place

And still the bells are tolling

The running of the race.

So grasp do I at things that pass

In vain attempt to pull them near

To try to gain security

Though still exists the inner fear.

Yet for some unknown reason

What's grasped just will not stay

And silence all the tolling bells

As still I pass away.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

just two words ULTRA ELOQUENT!. It gives me indescribable pleasure to learn a poet of your calibre has read some of my mind's musings in rhyme. Thank you for opening that door. I read several of your works as well. This one resonated most in my being. sincerely melissa
ps. we are practically neighbors I was born and raised in west virginia, why I think we share some of them thar hills! grin........

cornaflakegrrrl's picture

You're good, Michael... VERY good!
I loved the rhythm with which this flowed so consistently but found myself wondering as to the relationship of the poem with the title... 'Friendship...' - The 'tolling bells,' by way of warning, become your friends, perhaps?? It's but one of the questions I'm found pondering after this reading. Would I be close?
A deep and thoughtful piece which I thoroughly enjoyed.
- Essie =)

Melissa Rives's picture

Beautiful flow and rhyme to this. This is one of your writings that makes me stop and ponder all the meanings within. Excellent writing!

Victor Buhagiar's picture

I hope you do not mind if I point out two things I find confusing: one the title, second the penultimate stanza has three "and"s. Otherwise There are a hundrend things I loved in this poem. You have great control of rythym. Victor