A Prayer

Dear God I pray an answer comes

To why we persecute in Your name

The one who thinks he has the right

To persecute us for reasons same.

And am I wrong to think that there

Are several paths which lead to You

As long as Your words are rightly kept

And each path gives the other due

Respect as it to heaven flows?

Or are the ones who bring my death

Always speaking none but truth

With each condemnation on their breath.

My heart does tell me as I live

That there be only one Supreme

Towards whom we all strive and yet

How different we've made the sameness seem.

And since I feel as I strongly do

Of the oneness of Your being

It must have been the men like me

Who brought the intolerance we're seeing.

For on we go and further shall

Persecute beliefs in Your name

Till hopefully perhaps in time

Those who love You will feel the shame.

I may never know the answer

But I've known since my youth

Something in my heart alone

Though you may think not truth.

I'm a Christian, you a Jew, Moslem

Buddhist or whatever.

And as such we all strive

To reach a oneness with our God

To eternally stay alive.

Yet we'll shout how wrong the other

And their voice we'll try to still

Even though the God we have

Told us it is death to kill.

So I'll go on and strongly feel

That no matter how we're odd

You are right and so am I

To want to be with just one God.

For rightly so there is one God

Even tho beliefs are not the same

That one God made each of us

And we in turn made different names.

So I pray that when I die

And finally know no other

I hope my transgressions don't keep me from

Being one with you, my brother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This twelve stanza poem is written as two six stanza thoughts directed to God first and everyone on earth second.

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poetvg's picture

amazing poem .

Lesa Gay's picture

Such a beautiful work of praise! I found you by chance tonight in random names. I have been blessed by the reading of your words. Thank-you for your words. Thank-you for your prayer. ~Lesa~

Violet Carolina's picture

I found this to be peaceful and very non-judgmental. One can appreciate that in this time. At the same time, I am unsure the one God is being followed appropriately by all...if Jesus is barred/unconsidered in the worship. Then again, I don't have all the answers. I just know the word I follow. Thank you for kind sharing of your pondering. I respect your thoughts. V.

onelilartist's picture

Michael, this is one of your best! I have often thought along the same lines and not known exactly how to express it. Good job.

DeAnna Shaddy's picture

This is really good. It makes a person think, you know? =O)

DeAnna =O)

Melissa Rives's picture

Wow...breathtaking, really. This is so wise and insightful...I agree!!!! Nicely how you wrote it to God first, then to humanity. Powerful writing, my friend!