We Are Not Like Trees

A cherry tree can't grow an acorn

Nor an oak a cherry set

And a tree that has not felt the ax

Knows not one it should fret.

But we are not at all like trees

Except like them we die

And though we both can feel the rain

'T is only we who lie.

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Laryalee Fraser's picture

Hi Michael! Delighted to meet you...
I sure love the underlying thought here, and you've put it together so well!

Ginger Dean's picture

love poems like this, they dont drag on and they are enlighting,they amount to soo much more than just long draggy poems, it still amazes me what made you come up with this idea "we are not like trees", well hey great poem, keep up the good work!

Melissa Rives's picture

But if I were a tree, I think I'd want to be a very tall one! Another great poem!!!