In Your Presence

In your presence I am lifted

To heights unattainable by mortals.

I soar above worlds unseen

And yet both feet are on the ground.

In your presence I am a ship at sea

And you are the wind that fills my sail

I travel miles a minute

Yet both feet are still in port

In your presence I am a child

Protected from all harm

While allowed to run free

Yet both feet are on the floor in front of you.

In your presence I am

In your presence I always will be

In your presence I shall keep

My feet in step with yours.

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Mark Paternostro's picture

you are a great writer... i've read through just a few of your poems... i am very impressed with your language and overall imagery you create... i'd appreciate if you'd tell me what you think of one or more of my poems.. i have just found postpoems and am currently putting in some of my creations in.. keep up the good work

Melissa Rives's picture

Beautifully composed. I love the way this begins, and especially the way you ended this. Keep you feet on the ground, but sail the skies in your soul. :)