Layer Poetry

     W     H      E     R      E     A     R     E    A      N     Y     O     N      E



                            Hi – we have been neighbors – There – we will be again – Friends

                               Time – arose on a spring day – Is – inside the wrinkle of your eye – This

                        Our – ears collect the bird’s song – Joy – notes thrumming through incus – Spreading

                     Thoughts – the green side of truth – With – in each blue blood being – Idea

                        Unite – to spark a blaze inside – Everything – one mind’s unbridled eye – For Tomorrow



I like to dance with my eyes closed

And watch the shapes behind my eyes

Unfolding     patterns       



              Despite – our rabbit foot intentions – Social – donkeys dream on in quicksand – Truth

  The – flowers patched in a mudded gaggle – Naivety – a disconnected root freakishly – Persists

                  Soul – flaming car on a one-way – Blinding – a pedestrian freezes and trembles – And

                    Losing – unplug the eye socket – Potential – hell dripping drowns canvas – We

             Hope – the stone table is cracked – Community – demimonde; demimonde – Will Speak



                                                                                                    Every day when I wake up, I try

                                                                                                                   To think of a question, some thing

                                                                                                                          New     unwondered    



                          To – the floodtide will redirect – See – yesterday will birth – Tomorrow

                             Look – bone dust dances on – Past – old ways collapse into Earth – Today

     Between – the breath of electric connection – Our – human potential unhinged – Dream

                          Subconscious – the day is long – past – the train embarks from… –  The Conscious




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is an experiment I was working with. The bolding and coloring is to help point out some of other poems within this poem. 

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Clever Poem Puzzle

The highlighted black words form poems that are really cool ~allets



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This poem was a challenge and

This poem was a challenge and a pleasure to write. There are about 6 different poems to found within this poem

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