Tree, Poet

Tree, Poet


Unbound tree grow out your arms

For me to rest, I mean no harm

To you, my friend, you are the grit

Upon your bows I’ve come to sit


Two hundred twelve strange years ago

Brotherly words were here bestowed

A painting whispered him by you

Alas, you’ve beckoned me here too


A soundless grasp, I had to fly

Sailing far ‘cross the valley’s skies

The whisps and whirls upon the walls,

of Plesse Burg, tower and all


               With sandstone pocks

               Cannon rubble

               One Linden tree

               And one thick novel


               A village far below

               The poem it sees it all

               In the eyes of the world

               For Goethe, I and all


Sturdy friend of windy branches

You will not soon leave my heart

You’ve graced me with six stanzas


But I’m afraid I must depart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem outside of Goettingen, Germany. I climbed into a tree that was called the Goethe-Linde Baum (Goethe linden tree). He wrote poetry there in 1801 where it overlooks a wonderful valley next to a small castle called the Plesse Burg. The poem is also written in the style of Goethe; German Romanticism, using Iambic Pentameter. 

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A very nice read.

A very nice read.

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My chance to send you a thank

My chance to send you a thank you C.E. Vance. Smile

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