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These are all peices that I'm currently working on. They are part of a compilation of work that I've done in Germany while studying Germany's poets. I have done research on Nelly Sachs, Hermann Hesse, Karl Krolow, Paul Celan, Rainer Maria Rilke, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Georg Tralk, and Ernst Meister - more will follow in the next couple of weeks. As I have studied these poets I have tried to understand the methods they used and the state of mind that inspired their work (whenever they lived). In addition, the influence of people, their thoughts on life, the cities, the trains, the weather, the history, the art and just being abroad has become an inherrent part of this project. I found it enlightening to write poems here, and this in has influence my writing style. This collection includes poems about deeply emotion places and events in history, but also poems about contempory life in Germany because both of these things are necessary steps to understanding how poetry has taken shape in the last couple hundred years. Even after this collection is "complete," I will not move back to Seattle or Bellingham, because I feel there is still so much more to write here. 


Thank you for your time spent with these poems


Mic M. L. Silverline

Title Comments Views Updated Posted
1 Midnight Day Dreams... 205 2014/02/01 6 years ago
2 Seeking Sounds 132 2013/12/13 6 years ago
3 Alcyone's Mirror 125 2014/01/02 6 years ago
4 The Night 114 2013/12/09 6 years ago
5 To See Nothing 122 2013/12/08 6 years ago
6 The Perceived 5 121 2013/12/08 6 years ago
7 Tree, Poet 2 236 2013/12/13 6 years ago
8 Unbarred Rebar 2 221 2013/12/14 6 years ago
9 Break Free 187 2013/12/05 6 years ago
10 The Golden Stones 190 2013/12/05 6 years ago
11 Stones 3 154 2013/12/13 6 years ago
12 Into the night 1 150 2013/12/05 6 years ago
13 Violin in the Passage 2 137 2013/12/05 6 years ago
14 The Pit 164 2015/01/11 6 years ago
15 Corridor of Darker Days 4 152 2013/12/05 6 years ago