Unbarred Rebar

Unbarred Rebar


This wall speaks of madness

Voices echoing from shamed mortar

Whispered hopes ripped into shredded dreams

Cries in the night chased down by Death-strip dogs


Bullet holes drip from the blasted barricade – burn the eyes


This wall speaks of remembrance embraced by rusted steel

Proclamations of the missing barrier; It is not missed

Spinning two-stoned parallel tales of the demolished

Unspeakable rubble, scattered in the leaves of 23 years


Recall the silent earth and Gewidmet graves of a family divided


A double-rowed brick footprint is all that remains

Throughout the city – a line for the fallen is cast

Ground down by the justified swing of the hammer

The open mouth, the gates-no-more, the road to reunion


The new day’s sun shines through Wall-pecker’s reconcile


This wall speaks of perspective reborn

Enumerated ghostly faces saying “sadness, division”

Old iron gates are screaming from fires rekindled

Singing out to the war-bound walls of the world


Painfully this brush paints its wisdom for all to see


and all to change

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I walked along the Berlin Wall for most of the day before writing this poem. The poem is also meant to have a visual aspect to it. It is, when turned sideways meant to look like the rebar that is protruding from certain remaining section of the wall. 

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I really enjoyed this. First

I really enjoyed this. First I had an image of the veterans wall in Washington DC, and then reading on clearly saw it was the Berlin wall. In times of despair and intolerance we must learn to build more bridges. 

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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I completely agree. it was

I completely agree. it was intesting what I saw there. At the end of the east side gallery, there is another photo gallery on the back side of the wall, that is all photo's of the others walls around the world. I thought it was a great thing because the Berlin Wall is actually commenting (in a way) on other walls and what they do. That's what the last couple of stanzas are about. 

I have looked at a few of your poems nightlight and I know you've written quite alot of poetry. what did you think about this? any feedback Recommendations? 

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