(Who Knows)

Because fuck living,

Thats the fun in life.

Who is really saying,

Don't end it with a knife.

No one can truly stop me,

From doing what I wish.

I'm free to go be,

Even if it's drown with a fish.

Or burn with a house,

Maybe hang off a nouse.

I'm as unimportant as a mouse,

Or that stupid fish named Klause.

Either way I can really die,

If that is what I truly want.

And there is no hint of a lie,

I'm not just trying to taunt.

I think death would solve everything,

No more petty worring or stupid problems.

I'll just disappear like bing,

Like the tingling from the numbs.

I think I'm over trying to be happy,

It's never going to last.

It may sound sappy,

But my time is past.

I'll see you all maybe,

Who knows what'll happen.

Maybe I'll be a better baby,

Or a lifeless tin.

I'm going to be gone,

Finally my wish granted.

I will not see any more of dawn,

I have chanted and chanted.

So good-bye to all,

I'll take my last fall.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just..poured out of me

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Smiling Death

What pours out just is a great voice ~~ it's you - learning, growing, reaching, spilling, seeking, and rendering from so much inwardness - when you come out to play, U will B aweifying as a speaker ~~A~~