Time To Celebrate

I think its working, My lifes coming together.

I think she likes me. The kiss proved it all.

What's going on? The love and the passion.

Now I'm thinking, I'm thinking its gone.

I thought I liked it. I thought she did too.

But to surprise me, She regretted it all.

Her best friend likes me. Of course its her over me.

Why did she tell her? I don't know anything.

She loves me all, And I only know her name.

Those last few cigarettes, oh they helped me through.

But in the end, I know I'm really screwed.

The colors in my mind, They were loud and clear.

I know I loved it, But now I fear.

This is very depressing, I know its hard to bare.

I know I'll get through this, Through all the despair.

It was hard when thinking, My heart was pounding so hard.

Now this kiss here, I don't want to regret it all.

But I know I have to.

But wait I know now, There's an easier way.

Put the knife on my chest, Put a gun down my throat.

Easy and quick rest, I'm putting on my coat.

My day is ending, The pain will soon be gone.

I hope you are happy, You know I'm talking to you.

And when I'm gone. I hope you open that bottle of wine.

Because its..

Time to celebrate, Time to celebrate,

I'm heading to the gate. You know this rested on your fate.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You don't know how much it hurts until you lose it. Lose it has two meanings.

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Kaija McMillen's picture

Hey Matty!!:P:) <(Matty :P:) ha-ha)
I really like this one..esp. ur ending *You don't know how much it hurts until you lose it. Lose it has two meanings.* Because its true, you have no idea how much something hurts...untill you dont have it ne more...ik exactly where you're comming from!!Well ttyl!
Love you Matt!!(What if you spelt ur name w/ only 1 t?!)