Anger Mismanagement

Anger festers in my pores,
flows black through my blood.


My insides scream silently,
crying loud of their outrage.


The culmination of fear and pain
boiling under the surface.


One day I will snap
and destroy everyone in my way.


You better keep your distance
if you want to avoid my wrath.


You can't say I didn't warn you.

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anastazia's picture

I can relate....but 'vengence

I can relate....but 'vengence is Mine, sayeth the Lord..."
Give it ALL to Him...
....only He can free us from the damage done within.....
...only He can change the pain & make hearts new again....
...only He is able to bring anger to a close....
...bring it all to Jesus....He cares, & sees, & knows....

Praying for your total healing,