The Noise in My Head

I know I have nothing
to complain about;
I realize my problems pale
in relation to so many.


I know I live in the country of dreams,
where foreigners envy the poor
because they are wealthy by comparison.


I understand my worries
are insignificant in the
grand scheme of life,
but to me they are insurmountable.


To live my life is one thing,
anyone can do that
and find little issue with it.


But I have to live with myself,
within myself,
with no one to break up
the noise in my head.


And that's the hardest part.

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anastazia's picture

There's only one who

There's only one who can...the Holy Spirit.....
...keep trusting it all to Him, He will prove Himself faithful!
(He always has with me, & it's part of who He is....Jesus came to set the captives free!
& to free us from our self, our sin, our past, our bondages.....don't ever lose sight of how much He loves you!!!)