The End of Us

My Broken Heart

You weren't the beginning
so I can't let you be
what finishes me.


Though I'm broken,
that doesn't mean I'm hopeless.


There's still a part of me
that believes 
love will find me.


I can't blame love
for tearing us apart;
time did that.


Like everything else,
our relationship became a routine.


The "I love you"s sounded forced
then turned into lies.


I can't blame you for
ending this;
it was a season
that was not meant to last.


The end of us
is not the the enemy.
The end of us
is not the end of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Not The End Of Me" by Group 1 Crew

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allets's picture

Nice images here

Time is the culprit - enjoyed the clarity, the truth in this one. Be well ~Lady A~