Love Is Waiting

Trees shed their leaves
like a second skin;
their flesh is sensitive
to the cold winds blowing.


The winter can feel
like it might last forever,
but spring is coming.


Like a flower waiting
for the right moment to bloom,
love is waiting
for you and me to blossom.


It may seem like a lifetime,
but it will only be
a season of solitude.


I cannot rush time
so I cannot rush love
when it's not yet ready
to spring forward.


But when the snow ends,
I will realize
the wait was worth it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Love Is Waiting" by Brooke Fraser

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beautifull useof verbs

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Almost Allegorical

"...for you and me..." You and I is subjective, me is object of prepostion "for" otherwise

perfection - ...I can not rush time/so I can not rush love... nice line ~allets