The Cons of Cremation


I will never see you again:
such a heartbreaking epiphany
that shocks me awake everyday.


But instead of the thought
that you are resting underground,
I realize that your body
doesn't even exist anymore.


Your skin and bones were burned
then sifted like flour 
until merely dust remained.


All that is left are
the memories we carry
in permeable minds
and fragile hearts.


But when we have passed,
who will remember you,
who will miss you?

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palewingedpoetess's picture

This title so caught my eye, I love what you have done with it

very well constructed poem and idea. It is a common thing we do though as humans we mix the physical with the spiritual. Think of that body that was cremated as a shell that your loved one left behind on his or her way to a better shell. I thought the same thing when my eldest sister died and was buried on a cold January day in the cemetary. Even though she herself was no longer in that body that was dead laying in that casket I thought oh how dark and cold it was in that casket and how she might be scared. Then logic caught up to me and I had a good talking with myself that she is gone from that body. That dead body was no longer her. Where she is is indescribably lovely and well lit I am sure. I truly enjoyed this poem. Such talent. I love seeing the broad horizons of poets. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.