A New Outlook

Personal (Hope)

I'm feeling claustrophobic
overwhelmed by the daily doldrums,
by the same old, same old monotony.


Iā€™m suffocated by the stresses of today
and the worries of tomorrow.


I need some fresh air
away from this crowded city,
away from the smog that clouds hope.


I need to believe there is more to life
than alarm clocks and lunch breaks.


There must be something beyond
the three walls of my cubicle,
past the windows of my home
as I stare at my life passing by.


I long for a new outlook,
a heart at peace with the world around me
even if nothing else ever changes.


Happiness is an internal pursuit;
an attitude shift makes all the difference.

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A New Outlook:


In this poem you get a good sense of your claustraphobia and it's portrayal throughout the poem. I like the hopefull last two lines; I hope you find your happiness from within you.