Convoluted Delusions

My mind convoluted

everything that should be simple;

love and acceptance

became complex mysteries.


I couldn’t make myself forgive

even if it was just a mistake;

I questioned everyone’s actions

even if they were unintentional.


All these overreactions added up

to scars imprinted on my soul,

thought patterns that distorted

anything good that happened.


The lies I believed changed me,

hardened my heart until

I cracked under the pressure.


What I wouldn’t do to

reverse time to when hope

was alive, though fragile. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “Part II” by Paramore

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bishu's picture

Unknown Desires

Respected Madam,


Your poetry is really good to read and think about in this 2013 gizmo driven environment.

Hopelessness and despondency (in my view) is the impetus to creativity. "Out of frustration

comes creation" You have a long way to go. Keep PPoems alive. It appears English is your

mother tongue so............................... keep going