No Other Choice

My Broken Heart

Sometimes I wish
I can burn memories
like I can mementos.

I want to erase you
from my past because
this present situation
hurts so much.

And a future without you
seems so unbearable.

I can’t imagine a life
without your smile,
without the warmth
of your embrace.

What did I do to
make you push me away?

Something disappeared
when you called
another girl beautiful.

Why does this distance
break my heart more
the first time?

I can’t stand to walk away,
but you’ve given me
no other choice.

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I Walked Away

When I heard you talking

to her thinking I was

asleep beside you.


When she showed up

with questions about you

and I could not answer

because my heart

was turned to



When you pretended

not to know her

in the grocery store

and she blew your mind

with a smile and a wink at



That's when I knew

it was time to put your

unfaithfulness in a

suitcase and set it beside

you on the curb.