Love Bites

My Broken Heart

You showed me
the bruises on your neck
where she kissed you
and the scars on your arms.

I couldn’t help imagining
what happened between you
and how she made love to you
better than I ever could.

I felt so inferior and like
I could never pleasure you
like these girls that
had more experience.

Then I remembered last week
when we were together;
I somehow knew it would be
the very last time.

And it was so perfect when
you touched me and watched me
experience more ecstasy
than anyone else has given me.

I am going to miss this so much:
being fully known by someone
and still being accepted
despite all my imperfections.

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What a great piece! I really

What a great piece! I really like what you said about being known... It spoke to me. Thanks MS

Dont look for me, I'll find you ~Moonshadow