Building a Wall

Everyone loves me
for what they see
or out of obligation.

No one has ever
loved me for
who I am,
the real me.

No one has tried
to get to know me
in an intimate sense.

True, I keep people
at an arm’s distance,
but I would bring down
my defenses, if asked.

Nobody has gotten
close enough to
break down my wall.

With each person
that abandons me,
I add another row
of bricks to the wall.

Soon this wall
will be so tall that
no one can climb it.

But it doesn’t make me
any stronger:
I’m just a shell
of a human being.

This defense system
is so vulnerable that
it will soon crumble.

The inside walls are
already falling apart;
it won’t be long before
I’m completely gone.

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heatherburns35's picture

building a wall

I can relate to this poem. Sometimes walls are hard to tear down. It takes alot of patience.
great poem.