Acting Out

I am center stage,

acting out a part

that was never me.

And now you’ve

typecasted me.

I’ve been labeled

with your skewed

depiction of me.

The lights are blinding;

The stares are binding.

You’re watching me

to see if I will

fumble up my lines

or get out of character.

Can I ever play a role

that’s more fitting

my true character?

Or will I have to live

with this stereotype

the rest of my life?

I suppose it is up to me

to enter the spotlight

and show you the real me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the first verse of Dead Poetic's "Vices"

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running_with_rabbits's picture

this reminds me of my one of my fav poems:

''I have forged me in sevenfold heats
Ashield from foes and lovers,
And no one knows the heart that beats
Beneath the shield that covers.''
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

I think we all feel this way and play parts, cause noone really wnats to know who you really are, they are too afraid you are better than them, or nothign special, people would rather believe a lie than a boring or amazing truth. its sad

lol funny enough, my friends on postpeoms who have never met me, know me better than alot of the poeple in my life, because they read my soul daily.

again I am glad I stumbled onto your site, I like the honesty in your work!

much love

Much Love